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Northern Thai Missions and Church planting Movement


“NTM Network exist to glorify God in His Kingdom by Make-Disciple-Makers that will result in Reproducing Multiplying healthy churches among all the Northern Thai people group.”


By faith we ENVISION that by 31st December AD 2020 every Northern Thai city, village and town shall have a Church Planting ENGAGEMENT Ministry in their midst so that The Gospel CAN spread to every household among the 9 Provinces where the Northern-Thai [Tai Yuan] People Group lives.


1. By Grace we are called to Partner with God’s End-Vision in Revelation. 5:9.
2. Serving Him in His Kingdom as Missionary Strategy Coordinators,
3. Cooperate with Local Northern-Thai Church Leadership and other Ministries,
4. Networking with Great Commission Christians Worldwide to
5. Mobilize all necessary Kingdom resources needed to
6. Initiate, facilitate, train, equip and nurture the Northern Thai Church to reach their own unreached people of 7+ million across 9 provinces, 111 Districts and almost 8000 towns and villages with the Gospel of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit[Acts 1:8] through a Church Planting Movement [CPM].


1) To be a catalyst for a church multiplication vision among Thai churches and others.
a. By developing and distributing resources for the raising up and training of Thai church planters.
b. By providing on-going strategy, vision, ministry tools and leadership for multiplying regional movements of church planting in Thailand.
2) To focus resources toward the reproduction of healthy Thai churches.
3) To assist in developing, assessing and deploying leaders for new churches and regional movements in Thailand.
4) To function in partnership with other like ministries in God’s kingdom for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


To Know, love, and glorify God and to be used of Him to raise up qualified laborers, in significant numbers, as fast as possible to help fulfill the Great Commission.


1. Regarding Strategy: Leadership over location.
2. Regarding Resource: Ministry over money.
3, Regarding Focus: Converts over Christians.
4. Regarding Process: Disciples over decisions.
5. Regarding Investment: People over property.
6. Regarding Power: Spirit over self.
7. Regarding Loyalty: His kingdom, never ours


As Northern Thai Strategy Coordinators, we admit that we are not able to do anything on our own (John 15:5). We also acknowledge that this strategy will succeed only as we trust God to lead us (Isaiah 55:8) and as we cooperate with His body, the church, to fulfill His purpose (John 17:23).


We imagine standing before God and hearing Him say something like this: “Well done, good and faithful servant. Because you and others obediently followed Me, the entire Northern-Thai people group once lost in darkness, HEARD the good news of My Son.” We imagine, further, the REMNANT of the redeemed brothers and sisters from the once-lost Northern-Thai people group, embracing us in gratitude as we join them around the throne to sing a new hymn: “Worthy are you to receive the scroll and to break open its seals, for you were slain and with your blood you purchased for God those from every tribe and tongue, people and nation. You made them a kingdom and priests for our God, and they will reign on earth. (Revelation 5:7-9)”


Please PRAY whether YOU should PARTNER with us in reaching the NORTHERN THAIS for Jesus in our generation! We are convinced that “partnerships” or multiple entities working together on a specific goal larger than what an individual entity can achieve on its own will advance God’s Kingdom faster.


In Acts 17:26-27, God gives us a hint about what He is doing among the Northern Thais: “He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him” (New American Standard, italics mine).



Northern Thai Missions and Church planting MovementWe need 9 Strategy Coordinating Missionaries – 1 SC team partner for every
1 of the 9 Provinces in the North!


Northern Thai Missions and Church planting MovementWe need 111 Strategy Coordinating Churches,
1 SC church partner for every 1 of the 111 Districts in the North!


Northern Thai Missions and Church planting MovementWe need 7920 Strategy Coordinating Intercessors
1 SC Intercessor partner for every 1 of the 7920 Villages in the North!

“ So they set out and went from village to village, preaching the gospel and healing people everywhere. – Luke 9:6”

People in a village or district without a church, are very unlikely to become Christians. There are church members in districts and villages without a church. However, the chance of someone becoming Christian in an district of village that does have a church, may be up to 100 times as big as for someone living in a district or village without a church. So if we want every Thai to have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel, we need churches in every amphur and every village. - Resource


Apart from the above INITIAL longterm partnerships we also invite any Church, Bible school, Mission organization, Youth group, Student body, Professional, Business person or group, Skilled worker, Short-term team or any other group to come and PARTICIPATE in our PROJECTS.

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