The Bible and Thai Buddhist Concepts

Communicating the Gospel to Buddhists through selected Bible texts connecting to key Buddhist concepts:

Despite of nearly 200 years of Protestant missions to Thailand the spread of the Gospel has been very limited. Christians account for less than 1% of the total population. Among the ethnic Siamese Buddhists in Central Thailand the percentage is with about 0.2% even significantly lower.

Missiologists have been grappling with the issue that in a good number of countries or ethnic groups which consider themselves to be Buddhist the spread of the Gospel seems to have been much slower than in other places.

One significant reason is certainly the issue of communication: how can the Gospel be communicated to Buddhist people so they 1. will be able to understand the message, 2. actually want to accept the Gospel and 3. will be transformed by their new-found faith in Jesus Christ. The highest focus is usually given to the first point (wrongly) assuming that the second will be a natural consequence of the first. While the low number of Christians indicates an issue with those first two points the third must not be underestimated.

It appears that even when people “accept Christ”, Christian teaching does often not result in deep life transformation. Thus the question arises of how Bible teaching (whether in evangelism or discipleship) can become truly transformational teaching. In order that truly life-transforming faith in Jesus Christ can happen it is essential that the Gospel is communicated in ways that: 1. the recipient can clearly understand what is talked about and 2. The recipient can clearly see the benefit of accepting and acting upon that message. While the use of selected Bible texts

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