Role of Church Buildings in Thai-Missions?

A very good article on the effect that Church buildings have [or not] in Church-planting by foreign Missionaries in Thailand – A must read and I also ask the same question as John Lambert:

Thai Church: If You Build It They Will Come?

One of the more interesting things that I have come across in Thailand is the church planting strategy of a group of zealous Asians (not Thai) who have been working to plant churches in the nation.

They seem to be operating in a very different paradigm than most others, in that they build tremendous buildings and facilities from the ground up, but many times, don’t even have more than 50 believers to fill them.

Other times we have heard that same groups have gone out co-opting smaller churches with promises of new buildings. They only stipulation is that they change their name to the one that will be given to them by the outside group.

Is this New Testament church planting?! I don’t think so!

I am not against buildings and facilities. I love buildings, especially those that serve a big vision. I hope to have some myself one day. But my vision is not to have big buildings for the sake of having something to show back home. There are massive numbers of people still waiting for the Gospel. We don’t need to take things that another man/group worked hard for and co-opt them under our “brand” of Christianity.

Read the rest of John Lambert’s article at his blog here about > Thailand Missions – Church Planting

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