Thailand National Characteristics

Thai National Character:

This lengthy essay will focus on the social cultural forces that influence Thai social behaviors to the extent that they constitute persistent behavioral patterns, thus the personality of the Thai people.

National Character in the Thai Nine Value Clusters

  1. Ego Orientation
    • “Face-saving” value
    • “Criticism-avoidance” value
    • “Considerate Kreng jai” value
  2. Grateful Relationship Orientation

    • Bunkhun” value and exploitation
    • Bunkhun” value and “Saang bunkhun
  3. Smooth Interpersonal Relationship Orientation
    • Thai cognition of social interaction
    • Successful Thai personality
    • Social interaction and the suppression of emotional expression
    • Thai social relation and Weeryudh’s “affiliative personality”
    • Thai social relation and Mulder’s “moral-amoral power” fram
  4. Flexibility and Adjustment Orientation
    • Flexibility over principle and ideology
    • Flexibility and corruption
  5. Religio-Psychical Orientation
    • Psychological function of some religious concepts
    • Perception of the concept of karma
    • Superstitious beliefs and behaviors
  6. Education and Competence Orientation
    • “Form” over “content” value
    • “Form” and material possession value
    • “Form” and perception of “development”
  7. Interdependence Orientation
  8. Fun and Pleasure Orientation

    • Everyday life concerns and worries
    • Fun-pleasure orientation and differential perception of development need
  9. Achievement-Task Orientation
    • Buddhist influence and economic development
    • Nature of achievement motivation of the Thai
    • Motivation values in private sector
    • Motivation values in government sector

Primary Source : Fr. Peter S. Niphon SDB, Hat Yai

Full unedited text (includes footnotes and references)

Secondary Source : S. KOMIN, Psychology of the Thai People: Values and Behavioral Patterns. Bangkok, Research Center, National Institute of Development Administration.

* An EXCELLENT Article about  Social and Historical Aspects of the Assimilation of Christianity in Southeast Asia from 1500-1900 with Reference to Thailand and the Philippines: By PHRA NICHOLAS THANISSARO  – read about Thailand and Christianity here ….

* The ‘thumbnail’ photo was taken from this resource

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