We at NTM are trusting the Lord Jesus for 2 important FAITH-PROJECTS this year [2012++] in order to facilitate the training and cost-effectiveness of our Missions to the Northern Thais.
[A 3d Goal “growing” – Establishing our NTM Foundation]

Our FIRST project we TRUST the Lord for is TRANSPORT:
It is just a fact – using public transport all the time, especially with facilitating many overseas teams that come to minister among the Northern Thais, is just very EXPENSIVE. We also need to travel to different provinces to make contact, train and minister to Thai Pastors and Missionaries. We are convince it is the RIGHT TIME to trust the Lord for our basic TRANSPORT NEEDS. We need the Body of Christ to prayerfully consider SUPPORTING us in this project. We will give more details of the total cost and ‘HOW’ you could PARTNER with us in this NTM Faith-project soon. Below are some ‘EXAMPLE’ pictures of what kind of ‘transport’ we are looking into.


The SECOND Faith project we at NTM are trusting the Lord for, is HOUSING. With so many teams coming to help us reaching out to the Northern Thais, we belief that having our own TRAINING CENTRE will save a lot of cost in ‘housing’ them. We also will need our first TRAINING CENTRE to begin to activate the vision to train the Northern Thais for Church planting among their own people.  We will get more concrete plans and project details soon. Below is only ‘EXAMPLE’ pictures of the ‘kind’ of housing we are looking into…

Thanks in advance for your PRAYERS in this regard…..If you discern God’s ‘leading’ to SUPPORT us in the

above faith projects – PLEASE contacts us via email. Soon we will organize ‘online-payment’ function for

gifts to NTM ministry to the Northern Thais……

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