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The last official national census was carried out in Thailand back in 2010 and the country’s official population was declared at 65,479,453. Current estimates show a small increase and the figures with regards to the Thailand population of 2012 suggest that there are around 67 million people living here, making it the 19th most populous country on the planet.

Thailand Population Growth

Despite the official figures, the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggests that with unregistered individuals added to the final total, the Thailand population in 2012 is actually nearer 70 million.

Until very recently the numbers were growing at a far greater rate but it’s claimed that the government funded family planning programme has raised awareness and led to a dramatic fall in birth figures. In 1960, the population growth was at its height with figures of around 3.1% but this has fallen to around 0.4% today.

Thailand Life Expectancy

The life expectancy for an average Thai citizen is also growing but there are many threats to the population. It’s widely accepted that AIDS has reached epidemic proportions in this country and in the present day, 700,000 Thais are HIV positive or have AIDS. This represents 2 per cent of the male population and 1.5% of the female population in 2012.

Death rates in relation to AIDS seem to attract wildly different claims and the figures vary greatly between 30,000 and 50,000 AIDS related fatalities every year.

Overall however, education in public health is believed to have led to a rise in life expectancy and 2011 estimates suggest that this currently stands at 73.6 years for the total population which can be divided into 71.24 years for males and 76.08 years for females.

Thailand Demographics

There is a diverse range of ethnic groups within the country but for the purposes of the overall Thailand population, these have only really been separated into three sections.

2011 estimates therefore claim that of the total population, 75 per cent were Ethnic Thai, 14 per cent Thai Chinese and the remaining 11 per cent fell into an undefined ‘other’ category.

Thailand Population Density

In terms of population density, Thailand is now the 88th ranked country in the world with 132.1 people for every square kilometre (342 per square mile)

Thailand Population Projections

Thailand has enjoyed steady growth for a while now and there is no reason to suggest that this is likely to change. While the figures relating to the AIDS issue may look alarming, they have been addressed to an extent and numbers of new cases have dropped in recent years.

With an increasing birth rate and life expectancy therefore, the next official census will make for some very interesting reading.

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