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Northern Thai Missions October 2012 News Update

Anyone reaching out to Thais needs a lot of patience and endurance and it is
only through Gods grace that you can do it. Thank you once again for praying
for us in our outreach to the Thais. My morning free time outreach in the school,
through service evangelism, is an awesome experience. I’ve developed excellent
relationships with the teachers and the kids which opens the doors for the gospel
during Christmas time. This year I’m helping the Thai English teacher with the grade
six students and I’m involved with eighty-one students. I help them with their English
pronunciation, reading and communication skills as well as the English activities they
have to do. I praise God that He helped me to acquire the Thai language. Being able
to speak, read and write Thai helps so much when you reach out into the schools
because hardly anyone can speak English. It also helps to build the necessary
relationships you need. During December the Potch team from South Africa will come
and help us with the outreaches in different schools here in Chiangmai.

This year we are planning to do a Thai Asian Christmas program for them. The western
way of evangelism is not very effective in Thailand. Therefore, we have decided to use
Thai art and Asian graphic cartoons again in the Christmas program. The team will
also do a contextualized Christmas skit. So we trust God that the children’s
knowledge of whom God is and why Jesus came, will increase even more and that
they will understand it better within their cultural context and world view.

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