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Northern Thai Missions School Project

1998 + beyond

NTM-SCHOOL PROJECT:To evangelize Northern Thai school children in Thai Government Schools through a non threatening English teaching evangelistic program.


Northern Thai Missions Hug Me Project

2007 + beyond

NTM-CHILD HUG-ME PROJECT: To see a community of believers being established in Tung Daeng village, Paa Taeng village and MaeOn village where there are still no churches or cell groups. As well as to train Thai young people to reach out to their own people by indirectly sharing the gospel with them.


Northern Thai Missions Prayer Project

2008 + beyond

NTM-PRAYER PROJECTS: To establish a prayer movement for the Northern Thai People Group.   A  prayer group, cell group or Christian individual intercessors for each one of the  10 Northern Thai provinces where the Northern Thais can be found. We need your prayers URGENTLY for us as a team and the NTM Ministry


Northern Thai Missions Student Project

2008 + beyond

NTM-STUDENT PROJECT: To evangelize Northern Thai university students through a non threatening English teaching evangelistic program, to win them for Christ, disciple them and to slot them into a Centre cell group and a Northern Thai church’s program.


Northern Thai Missions Service Projects

2008 + beyond

NTM-MISSIONS PROJECT: To reach out to the Northern Thai community with the love of Jesus by serving different needs in the Christian and Buddhist communities to create an open door to disciple them and to evangelize the unsaved Thais.


Northern Thai Missions Educational Project

2009 + beyond

NTM-EDUCATIONAL PROJECT: To reach out to poor Northern Thai school children, Christian and Buddhist, with the love of Jesus by financially supporting them in their education program at school to create the opportunity to disciple and evangelize them!

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