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Other Names: Yuan, Lanna, Lan Na, Lanatai, Phyap, Phayap, Payap, Kammuang, Kammyang, Myang, Kam Mu’ang, Mu’ang, Khon Mung, Khon Myang, Tai Nya, La Nya, Western Laotian, Tai Yuan, Youon, Youanne, Youe, Yonok, Yonaka, Yon, Yun, Yoan, Khon Muang, Muang Lan Na, Lan Na Thai, Khon, Khon Mang, Lao Yuan, Nhuane, Lao Phung Dam

Professing Buddhists: 95%  Practising Buddhists: 65% Christians: 0.6% Scripture: Bible 1927; New Testament 1914; Portions 1867; work in progress Jesus film:

THAI, NORTHERN Population:
6,509,700 (2000)
7,116,800 (2010)
7,780,700 (2020)

Countries: Thailand, Laos, Singapore, USA, Australia, United Kingdom and other nations.

Approximately 7,223,000 [7+ million] Northern Thai people live in north and north-west Thailand. For the past 800 years, the Northern Thai have been centered in and around Chiang Mai—Thailand’s second largest city after Bangkok. In addition to Chiang Mai, the Northern Thai can be found in the provinces of Chiang Rai, Nan, Phrae, Phayao, Lampang, Lamphun, Tak, Nan, Mae Hong Son and Uttaradit.

Northern Thai Location Map

A small community of less than 10,000 Northern Thai lives in Laos.  Others live scattered around the world in countries like Singapore, the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom. The first kingdom founded by the Northern Thai is believed to have been the state of Yonok in the Chiang Saen area in AD 773.2 Later, as thousands of people migrated southward from southern China, King Mengrai united several Tai tribes and founded the great Lanna (‘million rice fields’) Kingdom at Chiang Rai in the late 13th century.

In 1296, Mengrai founded the city of Chiang Mai (which means ‘New Town’) and moved his capital there. Over the next 250 years Lanna  flourished until its eventual downfall to the Burmese in 1556. Right up until 1939, when Chiang Mai was formally incorporated into the modern Thai nation, the Northern Thais viewed themselves differently from the Isan and Central Thai (Siamese), with whom they often waged cruel wars.

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