Thai Buddhists conversion to Christianity

Conversion is complex. It is about the change in the life of someone, which includes all aspects of being. The way to explain conversion is therefore even more complex. Trough the ages, and especially during the last centuries, psychologists, anthropologists, theologians and sociologists are discussing about the definition of and reasons for conversion, and in particular religious conversion. These reasons were seen in social pressure, forcing, marriage, free will, etc.

The starting point in this research is to look mainly for reasons of conversion which were mentioned by the converts themselves. With this starting point I will not discuss the question about how deep the conversion goes, or what ‘conversion’ means for the Thai. Later in my study I recommend further research about this subject, closely related to the phenomenon of falling back. But whatever the starting point is, this discussion is about the religious behavior of a person, as part of a group, but most of all as an individual. In discovering these paths of conversion there are different ways to assess information. This research is not about quantitative information on conversion, but mainly about qualitative information.

This study is about the religious conversion of Buddhists from Thailand who converted to Christianity in the last eight years. The reason of doing this research is directly found in the promotion thesis of dr. M. Visser. He works in Thailand as a ‘church planter’ for the organization OMF (Overseas Mission Fellowship) and in 2008 he promoted on the subject of conversion growth of protestant churches in Thailand.

READ the complete research paper on how Thai Buddhists convert towards Christianity here

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