CPM Best Practices Institute Manual

It has been two decades since the deployment of the first Strategy Coordinator in
1987. Strategy Coordinators were then called Non-residential Missionaries, and the
agency that deployed them was known as the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern
Baptist Convention. Since those days, the Strategy Coordinator paradigm of missions
has rewritten the way the Christian world looks at and does missions.

Over the past twenty years, literally thousands of missionaries speaking dozens of
languages from countries all over the world have been trained and launched throughout
the ends of the earth as Strategy Coordinators. Despite their cultural differences, these
Strategy Coordinators share in common a divine calling to an Unreached People Group
a passionate pursuit of Church Planting Movements, and an obsession with the question:

What’s it going to take to see this people come to faith in Jesus Christ?

Though the core values of the Strategy Coordinator have remained constant over the
past two decades, the lessons we have learned have increased exponentially. The
Manual that you now hold in your hand is vastly superior to the training that characte-
rized the first manuals of twenty years ago. As co-author of those earliest versions of
the training manual, I can attest to the great advances available to today’s Strategy
Coordinators. And those advances are well represented in the pages of this new
Best Practices Institute Manual
It is fitting that we call this Manual a “best practices” publication, because the title
reflects its editors’ ongoing commitment to learning all that God has to teach us about
how to fulfill His Great Commission. The contributors to this Manual were many, and
rightly so, for God is still at work in and through His servants around the world today.
As God continues to impart new lessons and insights in the days and years ahead,
one can expect to see this Manual rewritten again and again.

What remains the same, though, is the passionate commitment to asking God, asking
one another, and asking ourselves: What is it going to take? and then humbly
committing our selves to the realization of that vision. May God bless you as you
pursue the vision that God has placed in your heart. May this Manual be used of
God richly to multiply your effectiveness in the pursuit of that vision.

So that His glory may cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea!

Dr. David Garrison
IMB Regional Leader for South Asia
Best Practices Institude Manual

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