T4T – Training-for-Trainers

Training for Trainers (T4T) – CPM Training Outline

Once we recognize the CPM method, we should start our training work immediately,
with the goal of each person we lead to Christ be transformed into a “trainer.” We
are not doing leader training, nor are we training followers, we are simply training
others to be “trainers.” This is following the model in II Timothy 2:2 where Paul
speaks to Timothy, saying “and the things you have heard me say in the presence
of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.”

The Fast Pace of Spreading the Gospel – Jesus’ Great Commission

We are God’s children (I John 3:1) and enjoy both the benefits and responsibilities
that that entails. The day of the Lord’s coming is near, how much time do we have
to spread the Gospel to the world? Today the population of the world stands at
over 6 billion, but only one third are Christians. In many parts of the world, the
number of Christians is below 5% its population. Therefore, we need to rise up
and accelerate our spreading of the Gospel. However, this should not be just talk
or even hard work but we should have God’s calling, following His commandment.
We need power and wisdom given by the Holy Spirit. We must utilize the most
effective method to spread the Good News to the world. We need all new believers
to be capable of training others to obey His commandments and share the Gospel
to more people.

T4T refers to “Training for Trainers”. It is designed to teach you how to initiate an
effective evangelism and discipleship training process in your community that will
result in hundreds or even thousands of new believers being discipled in new faith
communities. This manual is based on training originally developed by Ying Kai and
his close associate, Steve Smith. They deserve the ultimate credit for its content.
Attempting to reflect their thinking and his own experience using T4T in South Asia, David Garrison has partnered with Greater Europe Mission to provide this training to a broader audience.

This document may be downloaded for free at www.T4TOnline.org. Please visit this
website for additional resources and to connect with the T4T community.


T4T Classic (Original Lesson Plans)

What follows are much more than the actual lessons used in the original T4T CPM. Instead, each week’s session is outlined as a LESSON PLAN that includes all three parts, including a summary of a vision-casting vignette. These lesson plans are designed for a trainer to use to plan his training session, although he may only hand out the actual lesson portion to the trainers. For this reason, the lesson handouts are included by themselves at the end. Remember to keep them:

1) Biblical and 2) simple / reproducible

These Church Planting Movement strategical training [T4T] is very helpful for our Thailand Missions reaching the Northern Thais

David Garrison’s church-planting website at www.churchplantingmovements.com is another excellent resource.

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